Lockbox Options


Realtors - Sentrilock Lockbox

The CRMLS recently converted to the Sentrilock lockbox. All Realtors in the San Diego County will be using this lockbox.

Sentrilock Lockbox Rental: $149.00
Shipping not included.


Realtors - Supra Lockbox

This is the same lockbox Realtors use on their listings. Every time a Realtor access the lockbox it automatically creates a record their contact information and time they opened the lockbox.

All Realtors in the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties will be using this lockbox.

Supra Lockbox Rental: $149.00
Shipping not included.

Supra Lock Box Instructions


Combination Lockbox

Allows realtors to access to show your property when you are not at home. This lockbox utilizes combinations to secure the lock to a door or gate, and another combination opens the key door.

When a Realtor needs to show your property he or she will call you for the combination. Change the combination anytime. Only the Realtor’s who show your home will know the code.

Combination Lockbox Purchase: $49.00
Shipping not included.

Combination Lockbox Instructions