Greg and Ronel Messick have been providing discount listing services in Oregon for the last 18 years and have expanded in to California. Read more about what some of our clients have to say...
  • Great company and a smooth process. Greg was responsive and helpful. Thanks!

    Matt McGuire
  • Selling our house in the current market was so straight-forward and relatively easy. The website was good and Greg was super helpful. I would absolutely do this again and would without reservation recommend Greg.

    Thomas Lee
  • You would think that a realtor who was splitting their commission with you would be less inclined to work hard for you during escrow, but Greg and his team were very hard working and extremely responsive/available. We had an especially hard escrow and I really think without Greg there we wouldn't have come out the other side. Thanks for our new home

    Charles Seats Escondido California
  • Easy to work the website and great customer support.

    John Hull
  • Thanks for making this a more reasonable way to sell our second home.

    Pam Monheimer
  • I used Greg to list my house on the MLS and then contracted Greg to coordinate the sales process. Everything went smoothly with no surprises. Initially I was just going to list my house on the MLS prior to fixing it up to see if I could get an reasonable offer. (MLS listing and lockbox fee was under $300 so I thought it was worth a try). Shortly after going on the MLS, many offers came in, mostly low from investors. But then I got an offer I couldn't refuse. Not expecting to actually sell my house I called Greg, he explained my options, even the ones that did not include using him. I signed him on to handle the sale. The sale went smoothly and working with Greg was a pleasant experience. I was pleased with the result and the cost

    Stephen Bosowski Lakewood California
  • Good assistance and communication. Limited representation package results in very good commission savings.

    James Conger
  • This is the only way to sell a house! At first, I was concerned that this wasn't a legit company. I was even scared to buy my package deal. I'm so glad I read others testimonials. Greg was super helpful to answer all of my questions. We were given an offer contingent on them selling their house. I was unsure of accepting it because if the uncertainty of them selling their house. Greg informed me I could accept their offer contingent that if we got another offer we could give them 72 hours to remove their contingency or they would be moved to 2nd position (bump-able). Not being familiar with the real estate world this was so great to hear! There were many times I asked for advice. The money we saved on selling our home helped us make a bigger down payment on our current home. Seriously I'm so glad my friend told me about doing this!

    Danielle Hirschi
  • Great Experience! Greg was patient and helpful and our house was sold within a week of listing.

    Dalton and Justine Baker
  • This is the third time we have used Greg and Ronel and we AGAIN have saved thousands of dollars! I would encourage anybody that they can do this!!! We are very thankful for this company and how helpful they have been along the way.

    Josh & Kindy
  • Absolutely impeccable service! We would HIGHLY recommend Greg and Ronel!

    Janis McDonald
  • Couldn't have sold our home without you! Agents found information easily and we had many showings and several interested buyers!

    Laura Novak
  • Greg was fantastic to me, he helped me every step of the way and he was readily available if I had any questions. I have already recommended Greg to everyone I know, that is selling their house. I will definitely use them again and I appreciate their professionalism and thoroughness. Thank you!

    Mason Mahaffie
  • This is my second home I sold using the Flat Fee MLS program. It was fairly straight-forward and I saved over $19,000 in seller's agent fees even though I paid a buyer's agent in both sales. In fact, I encouraged buyer's to have a realtor representing them. I highly recommend this service if you want to sell by owner and save money.

    Loni J Barrett